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    Appleoosa Nut Cake-Layered cake
    Appleoosa Nut Cake-"Pony" size
    Bandana Nut Cake-Layered cake
    Bandana Nut Cake-"Pony" size
    Berry Basket Cake-Layered cake
    Berry Basket Cake-"Pony" size
    Black Beauty Cake-Layered cake
    Black Beauty Cake-"Pony" size
    Momma J's Carrot Cake-Layored cake
    Momma J's Carrot Cake-"Pony" size
    Cherokee Chocolate Mint Cake-Layered cake
    Cherokee Chocolate Mint Cake-"Pony" size
    Danke German Chocolate Cake-Layered cake
    Danke German Chocolate Cake-"Pony" size
    Horse of Many Colors Cake-Layered cake
    Horse of Many Colors Cake-"Pony" size
    Palomino Berry Lemon Cake-Layered cake
    Palomino Berry Lemon Cake-"Pony" size
    Chocolate Raspberry Chambord Cake-Layered cake
    Chocolate Raspbery Chambord Cake-"Pony" size
    Country Pumpkin-Layered cake (limited time)
    Country Pumpkin-"Pony" size (limited time)
    Strawberry Roan Cake-Layered cake
    Strawberry Roan Cake-"Pony" size
    Track N Mud Cake-Layered cake
    Track N Mud Cake-"Pony" size
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